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2015 LWK Shop Small Small Guide

Holiday Gift Ideas: Shop Small Saturday

I've been working on gift guides for weeks, but I have to say this one is my favorite, because I get to shout out to some of the most talented and creative ladies I know **in real life!**. This … [Read More...]

2015 LWK Mama Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Ideas: Mama

1. Perfume is always a beautiful gift, and this old fashioned bottle with the pump is sweet and special. Plus, your special mama/friend/wife will … [Read More...]


Black Friday Sales!

Stay in your jammies all day - there are so many awesome Black Friday that you can shop right from your computer! No reason to go out and brave the … [Read More...]

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2015 LWK Baby Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Ideas: Babies

1. This Ice Cream play set was a gift we received when my oldest was one. We've played with it nearly daily since then, and it's still going strong. Mostly made of wood, it's a sturdy toy and holds up … [Read More...]

2015 LWK Kids Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Ideas: Kiddos!

1. This is my 6 year old's current favorite book. It's a great story and message for kids (every mistake is an opportunity!), and they can grow into reading it on their own. A hardcover book is a … [Read More...]

2015 LWK Home Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Ideas: Home

1. Vitamix blender. I know, I know - I've recommended this before, and that's because it's the best kitchen appliance ever! I use my Vitamix everyday, sometimes twice a day. It's worth it, folks, I … [Read More...]

Childrens Book Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas: Children’s Books

If you are anything like me, your house is overflowing with plastic toys that your children NEEDED, played with for a few days, then moved on to something new. I'm always looking to reduce the amount … [Read More...]